The 8 Words That Liars Use reveals 8 words that people use to lie, to deceive and to mislead. 

Once you’ve read this book, you’ll be better able to spot when people are being dishonest with you. It’s as simple as that. You’ll learn the 8 words, why they can be deceptive, how they are used by liars and see real-life examples of their use in deception.

“I was cynical about the claims made by this author, but curious enough to want to read more. How can you spot a liar from 8 words? I read the book through more than once. Each time, the cynic in me tried to find a fault with what I was reading. However, by using my own written words as a baseline, I could see that I had been deceptive when using these 8 words in my conversations. 

If I am using these words and being deceptive, then who else around me is also being deceptive…? I now spot when I need to take a deeper look into what I am being told. This is one of those ‘life manuals’ that brought me so much and I would recommend it to anyone - cynic or not. Brilliant and insightful.”

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